PVDLoop Festival


The Providence Y2K International Live Looping Festival is coming to AS220’s Main Space and the Black Box! 2 nights, 2 days, 30 local, national and international musicians of so many genres, bringing a sound experience for all audiences and all ages! We’ve got a strong local presence and this is a great chance to experience looping in all its forms, and with all its surprises.

The Y2K Festival Network has been celebrating music for 16 years, in over 36 cities in 12 countries. Providence is the first East Coast Festival city. The local talent alone is reason to check it out, and we’re happy to have players from as far away as Europe and Asia, who come just for the love of the music. We’re also thrilled to have performers from Brown University’s MEME, RISD, AS220 Youth, and so much more.

Saturday Night – Oct. 1

9:00pm to 1:00am AS220 Main Stage

Cindy Sawprano (CA)
Lucid Brain Integrative Process (FR) (Tentative)
Sylvain Poitras (CAN)
Frank Difficult
MANDOMAN-Hideki Nakanishi (JP)
Zukrewe production team
WD-41 / Willie Oteri & Dave Lazcko (TX)

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