The Dunwich Horror Picture Show

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NecronomiCon Providence and Frank Difficult Presents The Dunwich Horror Picture Show, a screening of the 1970 film “The Dunwich Horror” starring Dean Stockwell featuring a psychedelic remix of the original soundtrack with a live rock band performing the music of Les Baxter. Plus experience live performers and creatures as the action spills out from the screen into the historic Columbus Theatre for an unique immersive Lovecraftian experience. Come dressed as a cultist and help us bring the Old Ones back.

The Dunwich Horror Picture Show
Sunday, August 23rd, 9pm

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Frank Difficult Presents: Gyna Bootleg, Vomit Arsonist, CYST, LVMMVX and Victory Pearl films

fdp march posterFrank Difficult Presents: Multimedia madness with live soundtracks and sets by Vomit Arsonist, CYST, and LVMMVX.
A live performance by Gyna Bootleg filmed before your very eyes.
Victory Pearl will showcase locally made adult entertainment fresh from their screenings at the NYC Porn Film Fest.
Plus found footage fun and new work by Johnny Ray.

Frank Difficult Presents: “Drugs”


Witness psychedelic visuals, drug scare films (on 16mm) and horrible sounds that will drive you to altered states of consciousness. See actual drug fiends perform for your pleasure. Featuring: Matt Underwood, a Gyna Bootleg/Dave Public joint, an A/V presentation from E3 and a special video message from Gene Gregorits!

Wednesday, February 26
95 Empire Black Box