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profile-photosmAbout Frank Difficult
filmmaker – sound artist

Frank Difficult is the DJ name coined accidentally in Las Vegas in 1984, when the young artist created live performance freeform radio as an experimental music duo with the late George Difficult. His professional film career began around that same time, when he worked as an assistant and editor for the cult filmmaker Ray Dennis Steckler.

By providence, he wound up in Providence, Rhode Island, the birthplace of cosmic horror and the hometown of H. P. Lovecraft, from whose work Frank has drawn much inspiration. He owned and managed an underground video store for a time, and has worked in nearly every aspect of film, video, theatrical and music production. He also has recorded and performed with many musical groups, including V.Majestic, Barnacled, and Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores.  He is also a curator at the AS220 Black Box with his “Frank Difficult Presents” series.  

Filmography (as Director)

“The Nurse’s Tale” (2014) – short film made for Difficult Tales web series (on-going). Starring Kia Davis, E3, Mark Carter.

“M is for Montage” (2013) – short film made for the ABCs of Death 2 contest. Starring David Engel.

“The Plumber’s Tale” (2013) – short film made for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project 2013; starring Jack Prime, Andrea LaRue, Mollie Deerkin and Gyna Bootleg.

“The Tea Party” (2012) – Short film starring Gyna Bootleg and Aimee Fiest.

“Drama” (2012) – A film made for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project 2012; starring Lizzie Stanton, Connie Strychasz, and Nate Mello. Winner: Best Use of Genre, Best Actress (Lizzie Stanton)

“Comedy” (2011) – A film made for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project 2011; starring Ric Royer, Hannah Devine, Dave Santurri, and Dave Public.

“The Factory” (2011) – Improvised short film starring Hannah Devine, Mollie Deerkin, Liz Hurley, and Dave Public

“Frank Difficult’s Public Domain Theater” (2004-2009) – Series of manipulated found footage films

“6” (2003) – Animation created with painter Neal Walsh; music by Barnacled

“The World of Wrong” (2002) – A collection of short films starring Barnacled (Frank Difficult, Michael Jeffries, Jason McGill, Matt McLaren, Nicotina and Alec K. Redfearn) with Tom Hurdle, Eric Paul, Saulius Sruogis and Jonathan Thomas. From the “World of Wrong” created by Frank Difficult and Che LeMomo.

“The Prison Variations” (2002) – Barnacled performance video created with Heather Sylvester and Vince Johnson

“The Hit” (1996) – Short film starring Dave Santurri and Mark Elliott

V.Majestic background videos (1993-2001) – Shown behind band in performance – animation and live action

Audio History

With Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores (2002 – 2013):
Every Man For Himself and God Against All, The Quiet Room, The Smother Party, The Blind Spot, Sister Death

With Barnacled (2001 – 2009?):
Tidings, Pick Some Specimens, Motherfucker Food Eater, The Prison Variations. “6”, Table No. 12 , Charles

With V.Majestic (1992 – 2003?):
Fist of Dad Suite, V.Majestic, The V.Box (10 CD box set), The Dynamic Alloy, Light the Fuse … Here Comes V.Majestic, Klangbeispiele 1, For educational use only, Klangbeispiele 2, Study the Illusion, Everything is a Number, Please Remove Your Head

Solo works (1992 – present):
Sonic Bukkake Vol. 1-4, Fantasy in Space, Sciomancy, A Secret Room, Sympathetic Incantation Stream, Acatamathesia, Nocturnal Obambulations, Transmigration Highball

discography at http://www.bkrstk.com/frank-difficult/


With the Amoebic Ensemble: Limbic Rage (1993) – electronics

With Septimania: Welcome to Septimania (2003) – electronics and processing

With Mahi Mahi: He No Wa (2002) – mixing and processing

With Fern Knight: Blithewold (2005) – mixing and processing

Other Projects

The Vegas Years (1980 – 1991), Frank and George Difficult (Difficult Listening radio show, New Dinosaurs, The Factualists), WET, Guerra Theater, Aqua Fritas, Right Right Right, Torso, Party Shop

Providence Years (1992 – present) – The United Space Rock Coalition, Penile Fracture, The Bunyons, Lemon Mustache, Franntastic!, Kittens, Black Faced Sheep, PPYCOC, Head of Horns

Live guest appearances with Damo Suzuki (former lead singer of CAN), Zacherley (legendary horror host), Von Ryan’s Express, Death Vessel, Class Warfare, Fern Knight, denimvenom, Chris Turner

Sound artist for Steven Jobe productions: Joan of Arc: An Opera in Three Acts (1993), Ubu Roi for RISD Cabaret (1996)

Sound designer for many plays with various Providence theater companies, including Kid Simple, Glengarry Glen Ross, Worms, and Bury the Dead.


Declaration (2009) – dir. Dave Fisher – Sound design

Barkley’s Barnyard Critters – Mystery Tale (2005) – dir. Brian Gibson – Additional sound design

Stay Until Tomorrow (2004) – dir. Laura Collela – with Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores

Crosley Fiver (1994) – dir. Guy Benoit – with Alec K. Redfearn, Chris Cook and Guy Benoit

Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986) – dir. Ray Dennis Steckler – Sound editor (uncredited)

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